A Sweet Story

An original book for ages 4-8

Have you ever
wanted to
dance with
a donut?

Or joke
around with a

Oliver Pumpernickel has done both!

Now available for iPad, just in time to make the perfect holiday gift.

Join Oliver in his adventures with his own unique, sweet brand of friends.

We love the books our children can enjoy again and again. Reading with a child encourages learning and brings you closer. A Sweet Story moves the joy of reading into the digital world. It's not a game – it's a beautiful book meant to be cherished like other children's classics.

The quality of traditional storytelling with the fun of interactivity

Inspire imagination, arouse curiosity, accompany your child on this

beautifully illustrated adventure.

“A Sweet Story is a charming book packed with lovely illustrations, quirky animation and an assortment of tasty childhood memories. After one reading of A Sweet Story, I found my daughter staying up late, hiding the iPad under the covers to read it one more time. That might be the highest recommendation one can give.”

Linda Simensky, Vice President of Children’s Programming at PBS


Jono Howard is a writer and story editor who has worked in the animation industry for over 17 years. Based in Vancouver, he has written over a hundred produced scripts for numerous animated children's series shown on networks around the world, among them MTV, ABC, CBS, Nickelodeon, and ITV, including a five season stint as Head Writer for Cartoon Network’s long-running original series, Ed, Edd n’ Eddy.


François-Marc Baillet is a freelance artist based in Lyon. Born and raised in France, he was educated at the Emile Cohl Art Academy in many pictorial mediums, from traditional sketch and painting to motion design and computer animation. With years of experience in both Paris and Vancouver, François-Marc has produced illustration for children’s books, and animation and photography for clients that include DKNY, Smirnoff and VANOC.

Production, Direction & Design

Global Mechanic Media works to add more thought and beauty to the world. Founded in 2000 by Bruce Alcock, Global Mechanic Media is a creative studio that makes films, commercials, TV series and digital media. Drawing on decades of design and production, A Sweet Story is Global Mechanic Media's debut in the growing world of interactive ebooks.

Coding & Development

Kris & Brake Technologies Inc develops mobile applications and engaging educational software for the modern family. Founded in 2010 as a partnership between friends Kristopher Goudie & E Brake, K&B technologies has years of combined experience creating interactive software for international clients.